Protecting Your Family In An Emergency Situation – (Special Thanks to Liz in Santa Clarita for Sharing)

Published on October 30th, 2011 // Filed under: Buyer Tips

Subject: EMERGENCY KIT/ Survival box, made it just for you 🙂

Hi friends and family,

Just recently Brian and I put together our “emergency” kits that we keep in the car as well as in the house.  I heard a message from a fire fighter as well as a survival expert and they gave us a great list of things you must have  in a bin for an emergency.  So I wrote everything they said and typed up a list for myself and now i’m sending it to you so that you are ready also. We are always told to have at least a 3 day supply PER PERSON of food and water…well….they recommended that be more like 3 months! Because they said WHEN not if, but WHEN the big one hits or any other emergency…you
need to be ready to go a long time with out help.

We found a great store in Van Nuys called SOS and they have almost everything you need there and its priced pretty fair.  And when you are packing it, remember to get stuff for your kids too if you have children.  Masks and safety glasses that will fit them, hard hats, etc. Also, you want to put all of your emergency kits stuff in a bin that is easy to spot. We bought a bright orange one, perfect in time for halloween, they will go on sale on Tuesday! 🙂 and you can’t miss it in the garage.

Besides your main box in the garage, you need to have an emergency kit in your car a smaller version of your big one.  Home Depot sells great backpacks with the essentials for about $40 a piece, i believe they are good for 2 people for each one. Keep one in each car.  We also added extra water in our cars , NOT bottled water, water that is in a box, like the kids juice boxes and they have a life of 5 years. Bottled water releases toxins with heat. ok you guys! get to packing!!! Start now, even if its a little at a time! 🙂 you don’t want to be that person that is caught off guard!

love, liz

p.s. pass it onto other friends and family, you don’t want them to be without either! 🙂

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