Hire A CDPE Specialist To Handle The Short Sale Of Your Home

Published on November 6th, 2011 // Filed under: Buyer Tips, Seller Tips

Many homeowners don’t know where to begin, when considering selling their home in a short sale situation.  Quite often, the homeowner may feel the need to hire an Attorney, which may not be necessary. The CDPE Specialist, is a Real Estate Professional, that has taken the time to become a Certified Distressed Property Expert, and understands the process and proceedure of the short sale a home.

The short sale occurs when a homeowner owes more on their loan, then the current market value will support.  By taking the proper steps, and with the guideance of your CDPE Specialist, like myself,  a successful short pay of to the lender, can be accomplished.

This is a much better alternative to the foreclosure of your home, primarily because it isn’t as damaging to your credit, and for a considerably shorter length of time.  The foreclosure may stay on your record for as long as ten years, whereas the short sale may be more forgiving after two or three years, enabling the homeowner to purchase a home again much sooner.

A perfect example is a client I represented on the sale of their Santa Clarita home 3 years ago, is now out shopping with me for their new home, using FHA financing with only 3.5% down.

If you or someone you know, needs the advise of a CDPE specialist, please feel free to give me a call at (661)284-7734

As always, it is with great care and confidentiality, and together we can determine what is in the best interest of each individual, as no two situations are the same.

Let’s take the steps to create a secure tomorrow for you and your family.

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