Carbon Monoxide Detectors Save Lives

Published on November 20th, 2011 // Filed under: Buyer Tips, Community Information, Home Improvement, Seller Tips

A recently passed law requires Carbon Monoxide Detectors be installed when transferring ownership of your home.

While your Real Estate professional will guide you through the new California Laws, many homeowners that are not selling their homes, need also be in compliance with the new safety laws.

The only sure bet in knowing if your home is releasing potentially harmful Carbon Monoxide into your home, is to install (CO), Carbon Monoxide detectors on each floor, and outside all areas you may sleep in.

They’re easy to install, and should have a test button  so you can determine periodically,  if they’re working properly.

They can be purchased in the Valencia and Santa Clarita areas, at your local hardware stores…and are very inexpensive.

Like smoke detectors, these devises are designed to save lives, so take all precautions, protect you family and pets, and head out for the holidays, to stuff someone’s stocking with a Carbon Monoxide Detector.

With your best interest at heart, may you all have a Blessed Holiday Season.

Dana Sher



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