Building dreams in Santa Clarita

Published on January 9th, 2012 // Filed under: Buyer Tips, Community Information

When you’re looking for new beginnings, and building dreams, consider coming to Santa Clarita.

That’s what Gabriel set out to do nine years ago,  in January 2003.

I was the REALTOR® he called to help him find a dream home, yet instead, a year and a half later, we were married on the beautiful Hawaiian Island of Maui.

It was a first marriage for both of us, and on June 20, 2004, on the sand of the Polo Beach Wailea, we became one.

“Walking on the sand together, hand in hand, we’ll be forever”.

I knew that day, how much God loved me, by making all of my dreams come true.

When Reverend Alapaki pronounced us Husband & Wife, the waves gently swept over our feet, as if to Bless our vows.

I’m from the West side of Los Angeles, and Gabe’s from the San Fernando Valley, yet fate had us both set on Valencia, and the rest is history.

Perhaps your dreams will become a reality in Valencia too!

I love you Gabriel ~ Mahalo for loving me.


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