Hire A CDPE Specialist To Handle The Short Sale Of Your Home

November 6th, 2011 // filed under: Buyer Tips, Seller Tips Dana 4 Homes

Many homeowners don't know where to begin, when considering selling their home in a short sale situation.  Quite often, the homeowner may feel the need to hire an Attorney, which may not be necessary. The CDPE Specialist, is a Real Estate Professional, that has taken the time to become a Certified Distressed Property Expert, and understands the process and proceedure of the short sale a home. The short sale occurs when a homeowner owes more on their loan, then the current......Continue Reading!

Protecting Your Family In An Emergency Situation – (Special Thanks to Liz in Santa Clarita for Sharing)

October 30th, 2011 // filed under: Buyer Tips Dana 4 Homes

Subject: EMERGENCY KIT/ Survival box, made it just for you :) Hi friends and family, Just recently Brian and I put together our "emergency" kits that we keep in the car as well as in the house.  I heard a message from a fire fighter as well as a survival expert and they gave us a great list of things you must have  in a bin for an emergency.  So I wrote everything they said and typed up a list for......Continue Reading!

Decreased Home Values & Lowering Your Property Taxes

October 22nd, 2011 // filed under: Seller Tips Dana 4 Homes

With the current decrease in property values, many of us may be eligible for a reduction in Property Taxes. The process is simple, but you will need current comps to support your belief that your Property Taxes should be lowered. If you would like me to assist you with obtaining the necessary data, simply give me a call at (661)284-7734, or visit my website at dana4homes.com as I've successfully assisted many homeowner's with this process. For example, if you live in the Santa Clarita......Continue Reading!

Understanding Your Purchase Agreement

October 15th, 2011 // filed under: Buyer Tips Dana 4 Homes

There are many aspects of a Residential Purchase Agreement that can be intimidating if you don't understand what it is you're signing. I have a perfect example on a recent sale I made  in the Santa Clarita Valley. A REALTOR® brought an offer on a listing I had, and the buyers REALTOR® didn't include the Wood Destroying Pest form. The unsuspecting Buyer, not knowing this should be included, signed off on the offer, and the seller did as well. Without the proper paperwork, the......Continue Reading!

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